Imagination is not the adjective most people would expect to be attached to the local blacksmith. But imagination is why we have always valued our relationship with Hesston Machine & Welding. While many people no doubt come to you to fix broken equipment or to fabricate new tools (as we have countless times ourselves) we have found your ability to join us in creative projects to be your greatest strength.

Over the years Hesston Machine & Welding has been a huge part of our award winning displays at the Wichita Garden Show. We have been able to come to you with crazy ideas and you have been able to dream with us to put them into practical use. Hesston Machine & Welding has designed and built many of the mechanics in our gardens, including our Dr. Seuss garden with spinning plants, and plants that sprang out of the ground, and the Plant Factory with a conveyor belt that took plants from seed to leaf to buds and flowers in just a few minutes. We have been able to come to you with large projects like the large pedestrian bridge at Newton Medical Center, as well as somewhat smaller repairs like the antique door latch that you made work like it was new.

We value your ability to tackle large projects, your willingness to take care of small ones and are especially thankful that you can think out of the box and have the imagination to make crazy ideas come true.

Andy Rizza

Stone Creek Nursery

My history with Hesston Machine & Welding goes back several decades to working with Stan as I began my business in the early ‘70s of placing large trash compactors all over the middle United States. This business required a lot of special steel applications. Stan had (and still does) a very special talent of meeting each of my needs for a “turn key” application. He equipped a truck and trailer to carry a large compactor, with the required steel and equipment to perform the installation, many times hundreds of miles away from home. I could always count on Stan to never leave the job site until it was 100% installed and functioning, regardless of the challenges that would arise.

In those days my son was a small boy and since he has become a middle aged man living in Texas. Recently he recalled Stan’s services for me all those years ago when needing a special construction project at his home. He called on Hesston Machine & Welding for the project he felt only they could perform to satisfaction, which of course they did.

“Brett I feel you are wise to continue the legacy of your father’s unique business abilities and philosophy. I wish you the best as you go forward with Hesston Machine & Welding, Inc.”

Marvin Heppner

Good Neighbor Realtors